Let B&C Costa Rica Adventures show you the beauty of costa rica!

COSTA RICA HAS SOMETHING TO OFFER EVERYONE!  From leisure to adventure, for couples or the entire family, let us design your next vacation and create a memory that will last a lifetime. We offer Costa Rica vacation rentals, Costa Rica travel packages and information about Costa Rica tourism. We can help you build your dream vacation package!

discover the natural beauty of costa rica

B&C Costa Rica Adventures helps create the perfect Costa Rica vacation experience with our extensive 

knowledge (ICT Specialist) about the country and where the best places are to stay. Our continuous 

review of hotels, resorts and private villa's, transportation companies, activity and tour companies

allow us to offer the most up to date and best ranked services in Costa Rica. Weather you are looking

for a private villa, an all-inclusive beach resort, romantic rain forest hotel or accommodations with

breath taking views, you will find what you're looking for.

Costa Rica's climate offers a multitude of travel destinations to explore and enjoy. With so much to see,

deciding where to stay can often be the hardest part of your trip planning process. B&C Costa Rica Adventures

will help simplify that part by assigning you one of our certified agents that will take the time to listen to your needs

and desires and show you places that will more than ​satisfy your dreams. You will see why Costa Rica ​is such an amazing place.

Costa Rica is flourishing with Eco tourism travel, capturing the hearts of those interested in spectacular scenery, from volcano's,

waterfalls, rain forests to beaches. The biological diversity offers over 500,000 plant and animal species, that no other country contains.

Including many species of reptiles, birds, fish, monkeys, butterflies, turtles and more. Although the country is small, it proudly shelters

​5% of the worlds existing biodiversity. 25% of the country is composed of conservation and protected territory.

The inspiration for our company comes from the union of a native Costa Rican, with a true love for her beautiful country, and a man with a vision of providing exceptional vacation experiences. Our goal is to showcase the amazing beauty that Costa Rica has to offer and provide a safe, affordable and fun Costa Rican Vacation adventure for all of our customers. Having spent many years in Costa Rica we are able to provide first hand experiences on beaches, Rain Forests, Volcano's, Rivers, tours, and the best places for lodging and dinning. B&C Costa Rica Adventures works with each guest to customize a Costa Rica vacation that best fits your personality and budget.

About Costa Rica

Costa Rica contains 5% of the worlds biodiversity, 12 climate zones and two Oceans surrounding a land filled with endless natural wonders, you'll never run out of ways to discover Costa Rica.

Costa Rica extends majestically from the Pacific Ocean to the Caribbean Sea, and its distance is barely 200 miles. Its land portion occupies only 20 thousand square miles. If you travel throughout the provinces of Costa Rica, it’s easy to notice that in no other place you shall find fields with so many variations in their landscape and climate as here. Costa Rica is one of most highly valued tourist destinations in this planet. This small piece of land includes all of the necessary components to satisfy the taste of thousands of travelers visiting each year.


Costa Rica Tourism