Please contact us with any questions. We look forward to working with you.

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Commonly asked Questions and Answers

Q: How close are you to the beach?
A: We are approximately 4 miles from the beach that we gaze upon from our mountaintop paradise.
Q: Is the water safe to drink at Selva Armonia?
A: Yes. We have some of the cleanest water in the world. Drink it from every tap.
Q: Do you have laundry service?
A: Yes. We are an eco-lodge and work to conserve our precious resource of water. We will provide our guests with a designated sink and biodegradable laundry soap to hand wash their clothing items. If necessary, we have a small washer machine we can run a load through for an additional $15. Keep in mind that in this humid environment, clothes dry slowly. Please plan accordingly.
Q: What currency is used in Costa Rica and how do I exchange money?
A: The local currency is Costa Rican Colones. American dollars are also accepted most places, including taxis. It is easiest to exchange money at the airport.
Q: Is it buggy?
A: Yes. Selva Armonia is in a rain forest, humid and bio-diverse. Bring Deep/Off if you are concerned.
Q: Is there malaria in Costa Rica?
A: No.
Q: How far are you from San Jose/the airport?
A: We are 4 hours driving.
Q: When are the rainy seasons?
A: May through July and October through December.
Q: Is alcohol sold at Selva Armonia and is it included in my retreat?
A: Selva Armonia provides bottles of red and white wines for sale upon request, not included in your retreat.
Q: Is tipping customary in Costa Rica?
A: Yes, gratuity is appreciated throughout the country. Here at Selva Armonia, we share gratuity amongst our entire staff, from our chefs to our cleaning crew to our grounds keepers. Gratuity is based upon meals and meal service resulting in approximately $40-$80 per person per week. Without each team member’s contribution, Selva would not sparkle as bright as she does!

Please contact us with any questions. We look forward to working with you.


Sacred time retreat WITH VANESSA

MAY 22 TO MAY 29, 2016

Join Vanessa Narvaez ( Sacred Light Journals) to an extraordinary journey of healing, learning and love. Allow your senses to be awakened and your spirit to be nourished…. A retreat dedicated to your highest good ….



B&C Costa Rica Adventures are proud members:

You arrive at Selva Armonia to find yourself removed from the mundane. With a breathtaking view of the famous Whale’s Tail in the Pacific Ocean, with an open-air “floating” bamboo Yoga deck surrounded by peace-invoking edible and botanical gardens. Relax and be pampered where sea-kissed breezes fold into the sweet serenades of jungle song birds and exotic fruits grow on trees right outside your door.  Hike to magical waterfalls, commune with the dragonflies, watch a lotus flower unfold, be inspired Selva Armonia is a true eco-lodge combining elegance with a rustic atmosphere in a jungle setting that is stunningly breathtaking. With power provided by the sun, creative architecture of sustainable/local materials and recycling, consciously conserving our precious resources. As a working perma-culture farm, they have food growing throughout the property and are happy to share their knowledge…just ask! ……

TOTAL PACKAGE COST $1,700.00 pp Double Occupancy

$200 to reserve your seat. Final payment by 3/30/16


  • Transportation from San Jose’s airport to Hotel in San Jose
  • Transportation from San Jose to Uvita
  • Lodging in San Jose (double occupancy - Breakfast included)
  • Lodging in Uvita (double occupancy – 3 meals included)
  • Transportation from Uvita to San Jose’s Airport
  • Waterfall Tour (transportation included)
  • Ventanas Beach Tour (Transportation and picnic included)
  • Whale Beach Tour (Transportation and picnic included)
  • Group Healings
  • Training Sessions with Vanessa


  • Airfare
  • one-on-one sessions with Vanessa
  • Exit Airport Taxes $29.00
  • Additional tours or yoga sessions

              Travel Arrangements:

Arrive at the San Jose Int’l Airport (SJO) no later than May 22, 2015 on the retreat starting date to allow adequate time for customs and luggage retrieval.  (1.5 hours for customs and luggage retrieval).

Departure flights must be made for 3:00 pm or later on the last day of your retreat (May 29, 2016). Pick-up at Selva will be at 8:00 am.  Allow for 6 hours between pick-up time and flight time)

If an overnight stay is needed in San Jose, we can help you with the reservations. Please make sure you let us know ahead of time to avoid confusion.

             "Essentials for Happy Jungle People"

•Essentials for Happy Jungle People

• Flashlight or headlamp with fresh batteries (a MUST for Selva Armonia)
• Insect repellant (if you are prone to insect bites)
• Shower shoes/slip off shoes
• Hiking/walking shoes
• ONLY biodegradable soaps, shampoos, etc.
• Sunscreen
• Sun Hat
• Light jacket or wrap for the unusual chilly night
• Books, music, crafts, art projects or any other items that you love to fill your   days with
• Journal/Diary
• Beach gear
• Ear plugs (for peaceful sleeping)
• Non-disposable water bottle (Metal or glass recommended. Please no disposable plastic bottles or bags)
• Cash (U.S. dollars are accepted all over Costa Rica and Panama)

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