I am a firm believer of giving back to the community. We support an orphanage of 70 girls in Costa Rica. Part of our support is our Vacation With A Purpose -
an opportunity to donate your time to the orphanage while enjoying some of the beauty Costa Rica has to offer. 

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As a President of B&C Costa Rica Adventures, and native of Costa Rica, I like to promote my country and share what Costa Rica has to offer. I understand how important a vacation or retreat is for you, your friends, group or family. We personall inspect all the hotels and tours we recommend on location, food and service to make sure what we offer is exactly what you will receive.

Charles Hockett (Charlie)

Charlie is native of Crystal Lake, Illinois; however, by heart you can say Charlie is a true Costa Rican or Tico. “TICOS”, as Costa Ricans affectionately call themselves, are so named for their linguistic tendency to add the diminutive “Tico” to the end of each word, so poquito (the Spanish diminutive of the word poco, little or few) would be poqui TICO when spoken by a Costa Rican. Because of their friendly and warm hearted manner, the people of Costa Rican commonly used the diminutive in their every day speech patterns and thus earned the nickname of “Ticos” from outsiders. After growing up in the Mid west he spent 6 years in the US Air Force. “Being in the Air Force exposed me to other cultures which helped me appreciate Diversity! I feel a connection with the Costa Ricans, like family and Betty, I too want to share Costa Rica’s beauty with other people. I am sure after leaving the little Central American jewel, you too will fall in love with this amazing country and its fantastic warm and beautiful people.”

Betty Kiernan (Cambronero)

Betty is a Costa Rican native from Barva, Heredia. Barva is one of Heredia's many picturesque towns that lie on the fertile slopes of the Barva Volcano just next to Poas Volcano. The word 'Barva' comes from the name of a local Indean tribal chief. Barvac who used to rule the area before the Spanish arrived there. Heredia, the Smalles province of Costa Rica is one of the most beautiful provinces in Costa Rica. Known for its verdant coffee plantation covered hills, Volcanic parks, and its mountainous region with stunning waterfalls,just 10km from San Jose (Capital of Costa Rica)   Betty studied at the National University in Heredia, worked at the ICE (Costa Rica Telephone Company) and later at the United States Embassy. In 1987 she moved to the United States, currently residing in Chicago, IL; but her love for her beautiful Costa Rica continues. “My goal is to show others the beauty and treasures Costa Rica has to offer” the people, our culture, and our love for life makes us a unique country, small in size, but big in heart. Come to visit Costa Rica…. You will not be disappointed!” Barva is one of Heredia's many picturesque towns that lie on the fertile slopes of the Barva Volcano just next to Poas Volcano.

Our Unique Passion & Inspiration

The inspiration for our company comes from the union of a native Costa Rican, with a true love for her beautiful country, and a man with a vision of providing an exceptional vacation experience. Our goal is to showcase the amazing beauty that Costa Rica has to offer and provide a safe, affordable and fun adventure for all of our customers. 

Having spent many years and vacations in Costa Rica, we can provide first hand expertise on beaches, attractions and the best places for lodging and dining. We will work with each guest to customize a vacation that best fits your taste and of course, your budget. B&C creates customized vacation packages exclusively to Costa Rica, based on your specific needs and desires, including family adventures. Due to our great relationships with hotels, operators and transportation providers, we offer the lowest prices resulting in savings for you – no hiding costs, no surprises.

Hogar Cristiano Orphanage

Our goals and dreams at B&C Costa Rica Vacations are pretty simple. We believe in giving back to and helping others in Costa Rica. Hogar Cristiano Orphanage is a place we discovered and are committed to help and volunteer when we are in Costa Rica. 

El Hogar Cristiano (Christian Home) is a charity home with a purpose to accommodate orphaned/abandoned, physically or sexually abused children, and provide support to prevent these girls from living on the street and help them live a safe life. Founded in 1969, Hogar Christiano was located in Puntarenas, Costa Rica. However, the orphanage is now located at El Roble, 200 meters East of the main enterance of the Monseñor Sanabria Hospital. New socio-econimic conjunctures create new social problems and now the institution offers comprehensive care to 70 girls between the ages of 1 and 18 years old, who are at social risk for different reasons. The girls are cared for by 8 nuns. The orphanage is composed of 5 small houses, the administrative office, garage, storage, kitchen, computer room and a worship area.