Minimum of 4 riders required for guided Tour

       USA: 847-987- 1706


       USA: 847-987- 1706



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Come with B&C Costa Rica Adventures on a 8 day motorcycle adventure that will leave you talking for years about how amazing Costa Rica is and about your epic motorcycle trip.Starting from the Costa Rican Capital San Jose, you will journey through historical towns, over back roads, stopping along the way to check out Volcano’s, waterfalls, jungles, beaches, and breathe taking views. Get ready for an amazing journey If you love to ride, this is a must. Not only do you get to see Tour the country, stay in really cool Hotels, eat amazing food and most likely makes some new friends, you will be riding a BMW that you select for your rental.

​There really is no better way to travel Costa Rica  and explore its many natural wonders than by motorcycle. 

Small groups: 4 to 6 riders per tour.

All riders need to bring the following:

Riders: Bring helmet, riding gear, jacket, leather boots, and a valid motorcycle drivers license
- Clothing: Costa Rica is a very informal and casual country. Formal attire is only used in the city of San Jose and on very special occasions (Weddings, birthdays, anniversaries)
- We recommend to bring a sweater for the highland areas, and light loose fitting shirts, pants or jeans, and shorts for the lowland areas
- For the beach areas please don't forget to bring a hat or cap, sunscreen, and sun glasses
- For the rain forest and the National Parks we recommend hiking boots, a small backpack, water bottle, pocket knife, flashlight, insect repellent, rain gear, and a pair of binoculars to observe animals.

 Bike options

     Take a look at the bikes listed below to decide which bike will work best for you Costa Rica Motorcycle adventure. The rates for each bike                                                              are listed and you will be able to select which bike you want.

           USA: 847-987- 1706


    Package & Rates

Package includes:
Transportation from San Jose Airport to Adventures Inn.

Transportation from Adventures Inn to Motorcycle pick up
2 Night lodging at Adventures Inn, Breakfast included
2 Night lodging at Arenal Lodge.  Dinner & Breakfast included
1 Nights lodging at Jaco Laguna Beach resort.  Breakfast included
1 Night lodging at Diuwak Hotel Breakfast included
1 Nights lodging at Talamanca Preserve. Breakfast included
Motorcycles selected from the list provided, Insurance will be included
Transportation from Adventure Inn Hotel  to San Hose Airport 

Package Price

  Single Rider/ Single room

           BMW  800 GS      $2,999
           BMW  1200 GS    $3,250

 Single Rider/ Double room per person
          BMW  800 GS      $2,199
          BMW  1200 GS    $2,499

2 Passenger/ double room per person
         BMW  800GS       $1,450
         BMW  1200GS     $ 1,799


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